NEW for 2013 SMART Table 442i,

Collaborative learning for the future

“On the day it arrived there were 8 staff crowded around in my room. They thought it was brilliant and had never seen anything like it before. Multiple touch was just amazing.” (Daniel Jarmola, Foundation and ICT teacher at Horton Grange Primary School, Bradford)

*NEW* Price £4,725 (incl. calibration, half day training & delivery)

  • World’s first multi-user, multi touch table for collaborative learning in primary schools
  • Highly durable and suited to the needs of primary school learners
  • Simple interface inspired by SMART’s expertise in interactive technology
  • Browse, search and download over 1,500 activity packs and applications directly from the SMART Table
  • Content customisation using PC or Mac with the SMART Table toolkit
  • 42″ HD, LCD mutitouch, interactive table supporting up to 40 touches and based on SMART’s DViT ® Technology
  • NEW customisable activities and lessons via the updated SMART Table toolkit
  • NEW wireless connection – allows SMART Sync classroom integration and wireless internet access
  • NEW Supports multiple USB devices, including the SMART Document Camera
  • Four headphone jacks and table speakers with individual volume control
  • Stable pedestal for the active classroom that provides easy access for seated and wheelchair users

The SMART Table is the first multi-touch, multi-user interactive learning centre for primary pupils. Designed to encourage collaboration, discussion and consensus building, the table gives early primary pupils a gathering place to explore digital lessons, play educational games and work together on interactive learning activities. Groups of pupils can simultaneously touch objects on the surface and enjoy a playful kind of learning. The possibilities for fun and teamwork are limitless on the table – from sliding an elephant across the surface, to following a trail of clues or mapping the human body.